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LTCC Packages for RF Modules


Introntek offers Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) materials with excellent performance characteristics for a wide range of packaging applications -- including conductors with low electrical-resistance and dielectrics with high flexural strength.

Radio Frequency (RF) modules and components are used in mobile communication devices such as mobile phones and mobile personal computers.

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Ceramic Packages for LEDs


Introntek uses alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics to produce multilayer packages and single-layer submounts for high-power, high-brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs). Multilayer alumina ceramic packages are available with a copper (Cu) heat slug for superior heat dissipation. Kyocera provides design engineering support for custom products, such as multi-chip module (MCM) packages.

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Custom Ceramic Packages


Introntek provides custom designed ceramic packages and components to meet specific customer requirements. Standard (open tool) products are also available for device evaluation and low volume orders.

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GaAs amplifier MMIC


To provide RF Power line up solution, Introntek offers broad range of GaAs HBT RF product including gain block, fully matched medium power and high gain MMIC amplifiers, up to 6GHz and 5W.  

In order to meet the excellent power and efficiency required by higher bands especially for 5G wireless base station, we are also actively expanding our footprint to GaAs Power E-pHEMT. 

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GaN transistors


As a new generation compound semiconductor technology, GaN is being adopted quickly by RF Power applications with demanding performance requirement. Introntek positions GaN as key enabler for higher bands, higher performance, for either pulsed or modulation solution.

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LDMOS transistors


As a mature and proven technology, LDMOS remains dominant in most applications where it needs a smart tradeoff between cost and performance. Introntek positions LDMOS as key enabler for sub-4GHz lower bands, higher power especially CW application and lower cost solution, ranging from 5W up to 1100W, while keeping its innovation towards more efficient and rugged, and further integration of new concepted gets excited about it.

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Telecom network is quickly moving to 5G and beyond which demands high bandwidth and data rates.  Industry is implementing Carrier Aggregation and Massive MIMO configurations.  It translates to the requirement on device level for higher efficiency, more compact footprint, and more cost effective. With all essential technologies including LDMOS/GaN/GaAs for RF signal amplifying chain, in form of packaged discrete, iModule and MMIC. Our vision to telecom network is to make it greener, faster, and more affordable everywhere.

- Macrocell Base station  and RRU 

 - WIFI  

  - MDAS and small cell   




RF Power is no longer just the carrier of information.  At different ISM bands, it can be the source of energy, from heating the food, stimulating a plasma lighting, or exciting a MRI, everywhere in daily life! In return, it demands RF Power device more rugged and thermally optimized in harsh environments, being much more cost effective ways. Whatever the challenge is, we have the right and unique solutions to support customers. 

--Broadest technology offerings (VDMOS/LDMOS/GaN) balance any senerios of customer requirement 

--Standard Packaged transistor and turn-key iModule (Bare die on chip) solution both optional 

--Industry leading breakdown voltage ensure high ruggedness  

--Patented RFPowerOsc simplify the system design 

--Copper flange thermally optimized 

--Design from bare die enable harmonic tuning or switch mode amplifier



Lightweight, small size and high power remains the challenges in Multi market specially commercial Aerospace area. After phase out of Bipolar device, it is now a moment of multiple technologies co-existing. We have LDMOS to address 3GHz application especially high power CW or cost sensitive navigation application with small addition of VDMOS mainly for HF/VHF. We also have GaN to address the ultrawide band or high efficiency and high band applications.

- Broadband communication

- Test and Measurement 

- Commercial Pulsed application

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INTRONTEK, a semiconductor and optic communication company, is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN of United Sates. We offer a broad range of RF power transistor products as discrete devices, modules, and pallets. Our high power bipolar transistors are ideal for civil avionics, communications, networks, radar, and industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Our all gold metallization fabrication processes ensures high performance and long term reliability. Also, we owns fully automated and professional back end assembly line while running business in cost effective fabless way. Meanwhile, our team is comprised of an accomplished group of professionals with intensive industry experience and reputation. Here, we turn your demand on more power, more bandwidth, more linearity, less energy consumption into effective, reliable and lasting solutions. 

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